Entry #2

A sad day for my Wacom Bamboo

2017-11-23 09:35:10 by Gabolostico

I've been using a wacom bamboo for over 5 years now, so i decided to upgrade to a cintiq (second hand), this things are expensive as hell but i gotta tell you m8 they're smoth as a new born's ass, the size it's not a problem at all because of the hight resolution so if size was your concern then fear no more trust me. There are obviusly other brands other than wacom but i will put my hands on fire for the quality of a cintiq, if you  had already used a bigger one like the 22'' model then this is not for you, it's the same only smaller. 



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2017-11-23 11:01:18

rip lil wacom

Gabolostico responds:

hehe it works just fine, i'll keep her as a relic.